5 quart galvanized metal bucketThese galvanized metal buckets are made in the USA. Contributing to the growth of the American economy, these metal buckets, pails and tubs are made in the United States so we can ensure a higher quality, more durable product.

Galvanized metal buckets are assured to maintain their durable, quality condition for a long time. These metal buckets, pails and tubs are made out of thick 30-gauge, commercial-graded steel with wire reinforced rim for extra strength, the galvanized metal will not rust, it is chemical resistant, and won’t absorb odor. The buckets have sealed seams to keep them from leaking. Larger buckets come with deep swedging that provides extra strength to prevent the bucket from collapsing. The sturdy bail and side-drop handles ensure ease of carrying. These buckets are recyclable as no petroleum is contained in them.

Product Sizes:

55oz. Galvanized Metal Pails
3qt. Galvanized Metal Pails

5qt. Galvanized Metal Buckets
8qt. Galvanized Metal Buckets
10qt. Galvanized Metal Buckets
12qt. Galvanized Metal Buckets
14qt. Galvanized Metal Buckets
17qt. Galvanized Metal Buckets

44qt. Galvanized Metal Tubs
56qt. Galvanized Metal Tubs
68qt. Galvanized Metal Tubs

American quality. Import price.

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